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June 22, 2024

World Rainforest Day

For a future with healthy, standing forests on a thriving planet.

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Our Mission

Founded in 2017 by Rainforest Partnership, World Rainforest Day celebrates the importance of healthy, standing rainforests for climate, biodiversity, culture, and livelihoods— and convenes a global movement to protect and restore them.

In 2021, we launched the World Rainforest Day Summit, bringing together people and organizations from all sectors, all around the world for dialogue and community building with one shared purpose: to spark action and drive resilient forest protection.

Our partner network consists of rainforest organizations, indigenous groups, policy representatives, youth leaders, the private sector, and artists and creatives, among others, collaborating and innovating for more holistic forest impact.

World Rainforest Day 2023

at a Glance

The 2023 Summit, brought to life by over 30 organizations, convened registrants from 77 countries for vital discussions and seamless networking towards resilient forest impact.


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More about WRD 2023

"It was a truly amazing experience. To be able to connect to people from around the world was very inspiring and motivating. Please continue to organize such events."

2022 Summit attendee

"Thank you for all the connections you provided. This is my second time attending."

2022 Summit attendee

"We really appreciated the class on ecotourism. We recently bought a coffee farm/tourist lodge in remote Ecuador. We need this kind of direction."

2022 Summit attendee

"Completely moved by the whole event."

2022 Summit attendee

"World Rainforest Day is a significant milestone for everyone working towards healthy forests... to bring us together and celebrate as one."

Marc Thibault, 2023 Summit attendee

My second World Rainforest Day was a delight, and I am grateful to Rainforest Partnership for convening us. I look forward to next year.

Rebecca Young Allen, 2023 Summit attendee

In the Press

Rainforests are under siege. Here's what you should know.

"World Rainforest Dayby Rainforest Partnership, a non-governmental organization based in Austin, Texas, as a way to promote action that preserves the vital resources that rainforests provide. The day is honored annually on June 22."

World Rainforest Day: How we can save our existing rainforests

"Ron Magill, Communications Director at Zoo Miami, joined FOX Weather in honor of World Rainforest Day on June 22."

World Rainforest Day 2023: Conserve, Restore, Regenerate

"Each year, June 22nd marks the annual celebration of World Rainforest Day. This special day is dedicated to highlighting the critical role that rainforests play in maintaining the health of our planet."

World Rainforest Day: Celebrating the Amazon, the planet’s largest rainforest

"Three hundred million people worldwide live in forests and 1.6 billion depend on them for their livelihoods. Forests provide habitat for a vast array of plants and animals, many of which are still undiscovered. These ecosystems are so much more than a collection of trees, they are home to 80 per cent of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

World Rainforest Day: The world’s great rainforests

"Tropical rainforests have an outsized role in the world. Of the Earth’s ecosystems, rainforests support the largest variety of plants and animal species, house the majority of indigenous groups still living in isolation from the rest of humanity, and power the mightiest rivers. Rainforests lock up vast amounts of carbon, moderate local temperature, and influence rainfall and weather patterns at regional and planetary scales.

The sounds of Mexico’s last rainforest

"To celebrate World Rainforest Day, we look into Mexico’s fight to save their last rainforest. Scientists say that two-thirds of the biggest rainforest in Mexico, the Lancandon Jungle, has been lost. With only 10 percent of virgin territory to protect, environmental groups and Indigenous people are fighting to curb deforestation, illegal logging, and trade with protected species.

Ben & Jerry’s joins initiative to ensure packaging doesn’t come at the expense of world’s vital forests

“On World Rainforest Day, illus-tree-ous ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has made an unbe-LEAF-able announcement. Ben & Jerry’s has become the first food brand in the Pack4Good initiative — committing to ensure its paper packaging does not come at the expense of the world’s most vital forest ecosystems. Instead, the company will prioritize lower impact solutions focused on reducing waste and employing Next Generation innovation in its packaging.

Here’s what happens if the world loses its rainforests

"War in Europe, economic turmoil and the impacts of COVID-19 have dominated global headlines in 2022. But climate change, biodiversity and nature loss, and pollution and waste – our triple planetary crisis – have not gone away. Indeed, the Ukraine conflict, soaring energy and commodity prices and the lingering pandemic all point to the need for a more sustainable world.

World Rainforest Day 2022: As rainforests are depleting, see what governments are doing to protect them

"At the COP26 climate conference in November 2021, over 100 world leaders pledged nearly $19.2 billion of public and private funds to end deforestation and take efforts to revitalise forest cover by 2030. More than 100 world leaders pledged nearly $19.2 billion of public and private funds at the COP26 climate conference in November 2021 to end deforestation and take efforts to revitalise forest cover by 2030.

The World’s Top 10 Biggest Rainforests

"Tropical rainforests have an outsized role in the world, with their significance marked by the World Rainforest Day. Of the Earth’s ecosystems, rainforests support the largest variety of plants and animal species, house the majority of indigenous groups still living in isolation from the rest of humanity, and power the mightiest rivers. Rainforests lock up vast amounts of carbon, moderate local temperature, and influence rainfall and weather patterns at regional and planetary scales.

Why Rainforests?


Let’s start with the basics. Rainforests are a type of forest where rainfall is continuous and abundant all year round. Most of our planet’s rainforests are found in the tropics, but they can also be found in temperate zones. Although when we think of rainforests we generally imagine vast regions of land covered in dense vegetation, these ecosystems only cover around 6% of Earth’s surface. However, in such a small area they harbor a disproportionate amount of terrestrial species; around 50% of all terrestrial biodiversity is found in the world’s rainforests.

Not only do rainforests hold invaluable genetic resources and countless evolutionary marvels, but they are thought of as “living pharmacies”. Their great and mostly unknown diversity is an untapped resource for new medicines and therapies. This diversity is also the source of many products we use in our daily lives, like coffee, cacao, spices, common fruits and vegetables– and that’s just scratching the surface. Other products, like beef or the palm oil found in shampoo and many common hygiene and food products are directly related to rainforest deforestation worldwide.

Carbon & Climate

Rainforests play a crucial role in both climate regulation and carbon absorption and storage. By cycling water through their networks of trees, they create currents that serve to transport water through entire continents, cooling them down and providing them with a reliable water source. They also protect from erosion, drought, and floods, keeping the conditions of their perimeter relatively stable. Rainforests also pump carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it in trees and soil, where it is safely captured and used by living organisms.

Their capacity to absorb and store carbon and to regulate climate over entire continents makes rainforests our greatest allies when it comes to countering and reversing some of the worst effects of climate change. Rainforests are the original carbon capture tool, and they continue to play this role as we wait for innovative, scalable technologies to catch up.

Culture & Traditional Knowledge

These amazing ecosystems are also home to millions of people who represent invaluable knowledge, traditions, and cultural diversity. The Amazon alone is home to over 30 million people, including 350 Indigenous and ethnic groups who directly depend on the rainforest for food, clothing, medicines, and culture. Indigenous and local rainforest communities are crucial in the protection of our planet’s rainforests and biodiversity, and their knowledge and participation are key assets in restructuring systems and developing sustainable, lasting nature-based solutions.

Carbon & Climate
Culture & Traditional Knowldge

Our Global Community

World Rainforest Day Summit
June 22, 2023

Conserve. Restore. Regenerate. 

Hear from those at the forefront of rainforest protection, explore conservation solutions, and connect with our global community. The Summit is fully virtual and free to attend.

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Our team

Core Team
Nia Gorbunova
Nia Gorbunova

Nia has been part of the World Rainforest Day team since 2020; in 2021, she helped launch the Global Summit. Nia manages the partner network and leads World Rainforest Day programs and events, including the Summit. She is based between Tbilisi and San Diego.

Tadzio Mac Gregor
Tadzio Mac Gregor
Global Engagement

Tadzio is founder of the Javari Project, working to preserve one of the most culturally and environmentally diverse areas of the Amazon. He leads new partnership development for World Rainforest Day. Tadzio is based in between Amsterdam and Mexico City.

Aishwarya Raval
Aishwarya Raval
Research & Development

Aishwarya is a lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property and Corporate law, with experience in conservation and clean energy. She leads research and development efforts for World Rainforest Day. Aishwarya is based in India.

Support Team
Niyanta Spelman
Founder/CEO of Rainforest Partnership

Niyanta founded Rainforest Partnership in 2007 with a clear vision for achieving ground-up and global-scale rainforest conservation that can provide the sweeping and rapid impact we need to protect biodiversity, sustain thriving rainforest communities, support a balanced climate, and ensure a livable planet for all. Prior to founding Rainforest Partnership, she worked at the first lobbying firm in London, led a management consultancy, and worked with Texas environmental agencies as part of a legislative agency.

Beth Caplan
Chief Strategy Officer

Beth works with the CEO and leadership team to design and implement strategies across the organization: from top-level strategies such as vision and mission; to the operational strategies that inform campaigns, partnerships, messaging, and initiatives. A professional analyst and strategist, her 30 + years of experience are rooted in a two-decade career at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, before moving to the nonprofit sphere. Beth has been part of Rainforest Partnership since inception, first as a strategic planner, later as strategic advisor.

Luther vom Eigen
Operations and Programs Associate

Luther, now living in Boston, has been working at Rainforest Partnership since the beginning of 2022 as an Executive Assistant to the CEO while also coordinating one of its new Global Initiatives, Rainforest Partnership Publishing, and completed a professional certificate in Geographic Information Systems and Data Communication from the University of Vermont. He has a B.A. from Boston College majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Global Environmental Issues.

Andrea Builes Vélez
Films for the Forest Coordinator

Andrea leads strategy and implementation of Films for the Forest, RP’s forest-focused annual juried short film competition, and Music for the Forest, a new initiative to inspire and raise awareness about forests and climate change through the power of music. As a professional biologist, she has experience in the field of science communication within museums and the creation and management of strategies for audience engagement in educational and cultural environments.

Han Wei
UI/UX Designer

Han is a UX designer with a multidiscipline background in psychology, cognitive science, education and technologies. She is passionate about applying design thinking skills to solve problems and augment community growth.

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