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The first World Rainforest Day was launched on June 22nd, 2017 by Rainforest Partnership as a collaborative effort to raise awareness and encourage action to protect the world’s rainforests.

Rainforests are vital for the survival of life on Earth. Not only do they provide us with the freshwater we drink, but they absorb carbon dioxide, stabilize climate patterns, and provide a home to half the world’s plant and animal species. And yet, over the last 40 years, deforestation has stripped an area equivalent to the size of Europe, or 1 billion hectares, from tropical rainforests.

Image from the rainforest.Image from the rainforest.

World Rainforest Day is an opportunity to celebrate this precious natural resource each year and take action to preserve it. Our worldwide network of partner organizations is a catalyst for inspiring individuals and societies across the globe to take part in sustainable changes. Together we will create a positive impact on rainforests for years to come.