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World Rainforest Day is an opportunity for you to inspire millions to educate, celebrate, and act! As a WRD partner, you are joining a coalition of organizations committed to preserving and restoring Earth’s rainforests.

Join the movement!

World Rainforest Day is only possible thanks to the commitment and collaboration of partners around the globe. Be it providing content, sharing your unique message or campaign, organising an event or helping us reach other partners, your actions will have an impact. You will contribute to strengthen a global community of people and organisations committed to the protection of rainforests around the world.

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Be a sponsor

Support World Rainforest Day financially or with technical and/or organisational resources.

Your support will help take WRD to another level, optimising the quality of content and services provided, enhancing the audience experience and ensuring its long-term success and sustainability. Your organisation will benefit from advertising and visibility on different social media channels and a prominent section on our website. You will be offered speaking opportunities in the WRD online conference. More details on sponsorship opportunities coming soon – if you have questions, please contact:

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Be a co-organizer

Organize or host your own side event under the banner of WRD.

The options are endless and will depend on your creativity: physical or online workshops, debates or panel discussions, streamed concerts, guided meditations or even marathons. Nothing is off the table, as long as it supports or links to rainforest conservation (and the communities at its forefront). Events will be published on the website as partner events, and will be announced and disseminated in WRD communication channels.

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Be an ambassador

Make a bold statement to support World Rainforest Day and its message.

Record a short video-message stating why you support Word Rainforest Day, why rainforest conservation matters and what your own organisation is doing for the cause. You can go one step beyond, launching a campaign (or sharing a pre-existing one you created) to secure public commitment towards a specific goal with benefits for our rainforests or the communities living within or depending on them. Your campaign and message will be disseminated across a global audience, maximising the opportunities to attract supporters.

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Be a content provider

Contribute to building the rich information and capacity-building hub we envision WRD to be and help empower and enable people with knowledge.

Share audiovisual material, news, podcasts, interesting articles, digital toolkits or educational resources and make them accessible for whoever may need them. The format of the material is free and will depend on your creativity – the resources will be showcased and made available on the World Rainforest Day website as open source assets.

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Be a multiplier

Get the word out and amplify our message to the world!

Be an advocate for World Rainforest Day mission and vision, and help us disseminate the cause through your networks to reach a broader audience. Link us with other partners, with influencers that could help us reach a wider audience, and strong leaders and advocates that could help us spread the message to the political sphere.

World Rainforest Day partners are showcased on our website where visitors are encouraged to donate to their causes related to conserving and protecting the planet.

For inquiries or more info on types of partnerships, please contact:

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